And the “Oblivious of the Obvious Award” goes to…


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  • Agidy Yelov

    I’m not sure if anyone was oblivious of anything here. Everyone involved seems focused on what they’re doing; the guy with the remote has the bill of his cap covering his vision until he looks up, but it’s too late.

    • m4a4

      That’s pretty much the definition of oblivious; not aware…

      • The man that did that thing

        But not the definition of obvious.

        • m4a4
          • The man that did that thing

            I’m here to help! o/

            Seriously, though, I see the problem Agidy has with the title. He might have been oblivious, but he wasn’t oblivious of the obvious because his cap prevented him from seeing the kid on the bike.

          • m4a4

            Lol, just finding that gif is amusement enough for me.

            But he specifically says that he thinks no one was oblivious, not that it wasn’t obvious. And maybe the obvious thing here was to look where it was going to go O.o

          • The man that did that thing

            But that doesn’t seem to be what the title is going for… you could also say the kid was oblivious of the obvious for riding past where the guy was aiming, but I don’t think the title’s going for that either. Maybe the problem with the title is that its just not obvious enough about its meaning.

          • m4a4

            Eh, at this point, the obliviousness was good for a lol. Obviously that shouldn’t have happened 😛


          • The man that did that thing


          • Agidy Yelov

            At this point, I only wish that when this GIF gets reposted in a month or so, this will have a less divisive title.

  • Harsh Puppy

    Stay positive. The kid learned the definition of “asshole” today.

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