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  • Captain Obvious

    Sign up for premium and listen to my jazzy hip hop instrumentals uninterrupted while you clean your house or study for your exams!

    • James Denman

      I dig it! Im to cheap to sign up to premium, but you did get yourself a follow 🙂

      • Captain Obvious

        Haha thanks, I was jk about the premium but every follow helps 🙂

        Sorry hoodiedog for the shameless self promo.

  • Exquisite Jesus

    Or pay for the artist’s music directly and not complain about a free service? You can also attempt to make your own music. Good luck

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      I think it’s more pointed at the interruption that is them telling you about listening with no interruptions, instead of just the ads

      • Exquisite Jesus

        My point is they have premium, which costs money. No ads

  • Dragonofarbitration

    And I would strongly advise *cough* against visiting *ahem!* a website called mp3ormp4*gulp!*.com.

  • ComputerPony

    Premium is worth it, in my eyes. I may have little to no money, but my music listening is important. >~>

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