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  • Jeremy Longwood

    I always tip, and then I say “hopefully this money will give you a little more time to find a real job!”

  • BearnieZardoz


  • Dennisch

    Paying your staff a normal wage would be even better.

    • Rohan Hampson

      It’s amazing that Americans put up with that practice

      • Cayne

        I say this in all seriousness. the reason is because I was able to make considerably more per hour in tips because I was a damn good server. was it consistent. no. was it stressful. yes. a living wage out here was brutal for a long time but I survived because I was good at what I did. Do I like tipping as a normal person. not really but I do it because that is the expectation and god forbid the consequences if the expectation changed. shitty service, super high meal costs. just to name a few

        • Rohan Hampson

          Meals here in Australia are acceptably priced, and I don’t feel like I will be judged for not tipping the right amount.
          The old idea of the market decides helps in that manner, if a restaurant charges too much it doesn’t keep the business. There’s a dessert place near my house that closed a little while ago, and I honestly think it was partly due to the fact that the desserts were fine but they charged more than it was worth.
          Here, I’ll tip if I think the service was excellent.
          You would’ve made much more money with your talents if you were earning a good wage, with bonus tips on top.
          I can’t even remember the last time I received service that was so bad it was noteworthy.
          The consequences you fear aren’t real I’m afraid.

          • Cayne

            for you in Australia sure. but with America we are soo accustomed to it that taking it away would be nightmarish. guns, pennies, tipping, alcohol the consequences are true for here because it has been attempted and each time it has been absolute anarchy. it is easy to say what would happen from the outside when you have not experienced and it is so ingrained as a part of our culture.

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