Guide To Understanding The Introverted…


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  • June Mandelaro

    This is definitely me!!!!

  • Jake Bowman

    It’s not that I hate introverts, or that this comic is annoying, but a lot of the comments here switch between pathetic, hateful and laughable.

  • Jojo

    People think I’m outgoing because I speak to groups professionally but the truth is, I have no idea how to make friends…because I’m “on” while doing my job, others assume that’s just me and mistake me for aloof or intimidating when I’m actually so awkward underneath it all.

  • Galactic Emperor Kalashnikov

    Hehe, I brought you these.

  • talk to the butt


  • Sue W

    When I am adventurous, my hamster ball is like a full proof shelter constructed of some impenetrable metal material that would allow me to explore mysteries of the ocean depth and the far flung galaxies beyond Earth, to even getting very close to the Sun and not get consumed. While it’s constructed of some type of metal for full protection, it has a large looking window where I can ooh and ahh seeing about what’s out there. And since it’s a shelter where I could be in this things for days, of course it has a bed. 🙂

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