This is great parenting

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  • Anna Troll

    Who the fuck down votes this?

    • Amber Mari

      Someone who is a virgin and hasn’t had their lives touched by breast cancer. I hit the “U” key so hard to upvote I was pretty sure I had broke it.

      • Anna Troll

        I had an aunt, never met my grandma because of it, and lost a cousin to a brain tumor. All of it is horrid and sad.

        • Amber Mari

          Lost my paternal grandmother last year due to a brain tumor (I still haven’t fully recovered from it). Lost my maternal grandmother at 2 yrs old from breast cancer, and don’t have a single physical memory of it. I just have memories of stories that were told. I feel ya, sister.

          • Anna Troll

            Internet loves all over ya, honey!

    • troll anna

      Maybe someone that didn’t miss the part where the title says “great parenting” then the pic is about a 7yr old with a broken arm. I’m not saying put your kids in a bubble… But 7yrs old…. With a broken arm…

      • Anna Troll

        Some kids really do have weak bones, and some do play rougher than others, that might be all.

        • dr. house

          That’s not how the human body works. Kids bones are very flexible. Evolutionary trait to keep the human race going. Or god protecting kids. Whatever. Point is the amount of pressure needed to fracture a 7yr olds bone is quite a bit. A LOT actually. Heck I’m not sure him falling from the roof on it would be enough with his tiny body weight. Now I’m really curious as to how that happened…

          • kitten paws

            dr. house i broke my leg when i was 2, this was un-supervised playing or bad parenting, it was a complete accident, i fell from a 1 foot height at the park and its not that i have weak bones either, stuff happens…

          • chuck norris c

            Bullshit. No healthy 2 year old is breaking a leg from a one foot fall. Your bones aren’t even close to being brittle enough to break that easily at that age. It’s simple high school biology. Its why you can drop a baby with little effects but a grown man can break an arm just by ffalling of the bed. Your parents lied to you about what happened. Ask them to come clean.

          • kitten paws

            i was healthy and i know exactly wht happened! i vaguely remember it even (obviously not the whole thing) It was only a little break in my knee and it healed quick…

          • Tabby

            You can’t drop a baby with little effects, and kids break bones all the time, nothing to do with the parenting, I don’t know where you went to school but please, please realise that bones are only ‘flexible’ to a certain degree. If you have kids with bendy bones take them to a doctor already, if nothing else, they are certainly Calcium deficient. The ‘flexibility’ of bones only lasts until around toddler age and then a ‘broken-bone’ is referred to as a green-line fracture.

      • Rattlehead

        When I broke my wrist as I kid it wasn’t bad parenting, it was just me being a kid, these things happen and it’s the parents that are to afraid to let their kids do anything at all that are the bad parents.

        • mclovin

          I grew up in the 70s. On a farm. With 4 brothers. Not a single broken bone between us. No offense but being a kid doesn’t mean being a “re-re”. And this is a 7yr old here. he shouldnt be out playing unsupervised. What? Did his older brother body slam him? Even the little rascals where older…

          • Rattlehead

            Bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, climbing trees/playgrounds, and other such activities all have the inherent possibility of breaking bones if accidents happen, and all are pretty normal childhood activities.

          • mclovin

            A 7yr old rollerblading and climbing trees?

          • Rattlehead

            Seems pretty standard to me, but everyone is different

          • Jodie Poppy Leonie Knowles-Bak

            Yeah. Seriously, kids learn and play by themselves otherwise they become too sheltered and become real pussies at the slightest scratch. If you don’t let your kids hurt themselves, then 1. you’ll be the world’s most boring parent and 2. Your kid will not learn the consequences of doing stupid things.

          • Ara Raven

            I grew up on a farm too, where my brother and I were encouraged to be outside running around and playing as much as possible. The worst thing that ever happened to me was popping a ligament in my foot by tripping over a rock. My brother, on the other hand, was a freaking kamikaze. He broke his nose twice, once when he was 7 (he decided to test my mom’s continued warnings about what happens when you stand behind a horse and spook it) and once when he was 13 (though it would be fun to tie his sled to a horse and then crack the whip. He ended up face-first in a tree), he accrued more sprains and strains than I can count, a dislocated shoulder (to test a blanket-parachute when he was 10, he jumped off the roof), and multiple wounds that needed stitches. We both rode horses throughout or childhoods, and as is normal, we fell off sometimes, but I never fell off even half as much as my brother did. Our mom held the philosophy that kids need to find ways to hurt themselves, because then they will know why they shouldn’t do it. It worked very well for me, but it just didn’t quite wear off on my brother.

      • Theinsomniac

        Yeah because normal kids NEVER do anything that could involve breaking your arm.
        No sir, never.
        They never play any sports, they never use the stairs, they don’t use the elevator, they don’t even walk, because all of these have a chance at breaking someones arm.

    • the dude

      mr. buzz killington.

  • psage

    this deserves all the up votes cancer especially this one touches everybody

  • Juliano A. B. Gonçalves
  • Juliano A. B. Gonçalves

    I had breast cancer in my leg. After seeing lots of people using pink during Breast Cancer Month, I’m healed!

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