Just a little reward for those in the VOTE section…’cause this will never make it to NEW.

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  • HoodieDog

    This will be the fastest post to make it to NEW. OP has used reverse psychology VERY well. Sonofabitch! Why didn’t I think of that?

    • Luke Doerkson

      k whats with this new system i keep seeing?
      im so confused

      • poor excuse for a joke guy

        OK. the bar above the title that says vote, new, popular,etc. Vote is the system for taking images submitted, letting people vote on if they’re any good or not, and potentially putting them on the main page.

        • HoodieDog


        • Luke Doerkson

          lol i figured it out a little while after i wrote this, longer then i care to admit when its that simple but regardless it happened
          i came back here to delete my stupidity but it never showed i commented

          thanks though

  • Nicholas Marini

    this has made me so happy

  • Sams

    where the hell is the original of this?!

  • http://www.meatspin.fr fuckingprick

    Well, I’m going to stop going to the vote section. It seems almost all submits make the cut.

  • Nerd RN

    Best. Post. EVER!

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