That can’t be his wife…

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  • Patchy

    If that guy can get a girl like that, then there just might still be hope for guys like me.

    • sparky

      wouldn’t count on that bro… sorry. chicks don’t like guys with detached heads…

      • Vincent Wolf

        you both are screwed then.

        • sparky

          I see what u did there…

      • slightly retarded

        so are all Canadians out ?

        • psage

          nah if a chick like pam anderson is from canada then u guys still have plenty of hope

  • Vincent Wolf

    Umm what’s the big deal? She doesn’t looks any good to me… Even though still better than he deserves.

  • Bandera

    Well, keep in mind that this guy, Shaycarl, transformed himself from the fattest fat-ass on YouTube to a marathon running athlete over the course of 2 years.

  • Nathan Zeldafan Swift

    If everyone made a video every time they were insulted online….

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