Romance done right…

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  • sparky

    apparently this was before zipcodes…or return addresses

    • Daniel Emberton

      it was a simpler time

      • sparky

        when mail was much slower…

        • Chris Baldwin

          more personal*

          • Frank Thebunny

            Bad for Nsa guys, sure they will love read it

          • Goran Mijailović

            Why do you think it was slower?

          • fuckingprick

            …because it wasn’t electronic?

          • Goran Mijailović

            Because NSA read it.

          • Sparky

            Because there was no requirement for zip codes, 5 or 9 digit. 5 digit gets u in the right area, gets u to the right blade of grass in the yard. (sarcasm) it’s faster with zip codes because they don’t have to hand it to someone to check a map to find the location of the address and hand it to the sorter, then onto the truck

          • sparky

            whos this schmuck posing as me??? oh yeah… it was me.. on my celly

    • theJagged

      can’t you put the return address on the back in the U.S. ?

      • Frank Thebunny

        No it’s too complicate for them

        • Tarrachal

          If you are going to try and sound smarter then at least use proper grammar/spelling.

          • Frank Thebunny

            Non, c’est trop compliqué pour eux, est ce mieux ?

          • Tarrachal

            Non, stupide, c’est stupide, dans toutes les langues.
            Sorry if my french is as shitty as your English, at least I wasn’t attempting to talk shit to you in your own native language as if your were stupid!

          • Hector

            Well you’re a little bit of a cunt aren’t you?

      • fuckingprick

        Yes you can. And there is no requirement of return address if I’m not mistaking.

        • Trißten Kodee Johnson

          You do have to have return addresses now, but they can go on the back same as the full address.

    • lizziesmama

      Or house numbers.

  • DidYouKnow

    These envelopes must be how you learned your grandfather was in prison.

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