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  • Lunchbox

    Ha! I get it
    Guys, look at me! I’m so smart

    • Das Puggy

      Why, do you want a hero cookie or just a regular cookie?

      • Kenneth Lien

        You know how heavy these water jokes are.

      • psage

        now now, i believe the lady was trying to be funny

        • Lunchbox

          Yes, the keyword here is “trying”

          • psage

            good effort though but perhaps if you used a meme or two that might help your cause

      • Lunchbox

        I just wanna be loved, dammit

        • Nasruddin Sharifuddin

          looking for love at all the wrong places

        • Aaron Blair

          I bought cookies at the store today, you can have one.

        • perthaussieguy


        • Das Puggy

          I love you, Lunchbox.

          Especially the woman who makes the sammiches that go in it. *ducks*

  • http://lemonparty.com/ Anna Troll

    The other joke sucks. This one’s actually pretty good.

    • TheLittleMe

      this joke is funnier because the other joke has been around for a while.

  • Bobby Kelso

    I really like this title.

  • Limelord

    Seems like a stretch to me that the bartender would really bring the other scientist bleach just because he subtly ordered it.

  • Michael Shepherd

    It would have to be a pretty high concentration to be lethal…

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