One of Problems With Skyrim


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  • Jake Bowman

    You mean like the Buster sword?

    • Tim Robbe


  • no helm

    A problem in skyrim ?
    There is a mod for that.

    Personally i use a mod that makes helmets completely invisible.

    It’s a vanillla option that should Exist in every game by now, since helmet are highly impopular, we don’t spend 1 hour to fine tune the look of our characters in the showracemenu to hide his head behind a helmet dammit.

    • Vladislav Richter

      It’s a default option in Mass Effect, but than again we don’t want to spent 200+ hours in 3 games only to have one of the shittiest endings of all times.

      • Matthew James Hale

        The ending was pretty good actually. It was the fact that you spent 200+ hours developing a your character’s attitude and making several moral choices that had no effect on the ending. Especially when the developers promised a variety of possible endings. But the ending that was presented was a good one.

        • Dorryn

          Well I’ll sleep better knowing that some players actually appreciated the ending…
          Personally if I had Hudson and co in front of me and that helmet in my hand I’d be tempted to shove it up their pipeholes. That’s pretty much how I felt after ME3 ending.
          And remember : you can’t spell “reaper” without EA.

          • Keremcan Tarhan

            The extended ending was pretty satisfying actually.

          • Nope

            no, no
            get out of here

          • Keremcan Tarhan

            Did you actually watch it? Explained most of the plot holes that were discussed after the original ending, and while it could have been much better, it was a tremendous progression from the original ending.

  • Jason Thomas Viglione

    All the technical talk about these games makes no sense to me, so…

    • Daeldsul

      haha, you’re so funny. and thumbs up for the 2 mad virgin that downvoted you

    • ZildCrab

      i guess you never talk, you only bang women 24*7

      • Jason Thomas Viglione

        No. I don’t bang women 24*7. I guess you’ve missed the running Internet joke about video games and virgins. You must be new here.

        • ZildCrab

          that’s fine, you missed my joke as well.

          • Jason Thomas Viglione

            I keep reading your comment over and over. There’s no joke in there. At least not a funny one.

          • ZildCrab

            I was under the impression the sarcasm was kind of funny..
            I will cut myself for this.

          • Das Puggy

            Cut deeper.

  • Old Hipster

    Any other old hipsters out there remember Moondog…the Viking of Sixth Avenue?

  • Zeke Vázquez

    I don’t see the problem here.

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