Bite the..uhm, yeah, I’ll just lube up


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  • Jackson

    At the point where, while doing cpr, you whip out your dick

    • Imurai Cs

      You could have just written “instantly”

      • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

        DUDE!! Hahaha, nice!! Shwing out da schlong. 😛

  • lizziesmama

    does a shakespeare say what????

    • Thierry Pattyn

      The suspense !!!

    • Smokeywombat
  • theTWON

    this is random but this picture brought it to my mind. back in early medicine if you killed over your done for, then we progressed and it was 8 minutes, then there was a stat in the 90’s and i could be wrong here but something like 30 minutes, and now the reason for this run on sentence in 2013 we can bring back a body thats been gone for like 2 hours. the apocalypse is near 0.o

    • Tabby

      It might be possible to bring a body back to life after 2 hours, but all higher brain functions would deffinately be over. It wouldnt really be life cos it wouldnt be able to sustain itself by itself, Itd be like a coma patient. or maybe just die again. Im not really sure of the specifics atm, it 3am, but it wouldnt be alive. Sorry, ramble, spelling, grammar etc.

      • theTWON

        thats why you a zombie nukka !!!!!

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