Fascinating (Yet True) Facts About the Human Body

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  • http://www.Brazzers.com/ That guy

    Someone should do facts of the penis and taco

    • Rose Budd

      It’s call a cookie not a taco 😀

      • Das Puggy

        Someone, a long time ago, posted all the slang terms for the vulva. I think s/he ran out of room and had to make a second posting.

        As for your comment, I didn’t get why my father called a mustache a “cookie duster” until about 10 years after I got married. I just never made the connection.

  • Lunchbox

    Some of these spelling errors are ridiculous. It actually made me laugh

  • Imurai Cs

    Okay men! Anybody who didn’t think of oral sex when looking at img. 9, raise your hands!

    • The Ragin Pagan

      I didn’t, because that looks like a child.

      • Imurai Cs

        Even more so! 😀

        • The Ragin Pagan

          That’s fucked up.

          • Imurai Cs

            No, she’s not… yet 😉

  • Max Farr-Jones

    everyone covered their left ear and started talking to themselves

    • Das Puggy

      I know I did. I didn’t know I sounded like a douche.

      However, being a douche, I like to cum in women.

  • Tim

    This usually doesn’t bother me, but you really need a source for something like this.

  • Mike Donovan

    “Human saliva contains opiorphin, a protein that is 3 times more effective than morphine”
    More effective at what?

    Fascinating true fact about complete information: It’s three times more effective than the leading brand.

  • ComputerPony

    This would be worthy of an upvote… but those spelling errors. >.>

  • trunksfreak

    the whole thing about no muscles in your fingers is bull shit

    • IdiotPatrol

      Nope, all the muscles that control your fingers are in the palm and forearm.

      • Ara Raven

        Indeed, thank you good sir.

    • Ara Raven

      ‘Tis truth. Google it. Wikipedia it. Expand your mind. And do your best to avoid absolute statements.

  • Hoodie Cat

    Human bite will make you zombie

    • Max Farr-Jones

      are we not going to talk about the human bite in that baby’s leg?

      • Agidy Yelov

        Looks like an adult forearm to me. See the wrist and part of the thumb on the left, and the sleeve of a sweater to the right.

        • Max Farr-Jones

          ahhhh yeh 😛

  • TheLittleMe

    Some commas in this post could’ve made even the spelling errors seem readable…

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