The LolSnaps Photoshop Battle, Edition XV

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58 points
  • HoodieDog

    Link to a picture with the words removed. You know, for ease of use and shenaniganiary.

  • Gary Fay

    My entry…. Nuff said.

    • Anna Troll

      You do realize that if it hadn’t been for your post, the one guy with a cat post wouldn’t be winning, right?

      • Gary Fay

        Yippee, some guy is going to win an imaginary competition with no prizes at the place that he works because he replied with a very common and predictable response. Touche.

        • Anna Troll

          I don’t think he can win because he does work there.

  • Geoaja

    You guys know what to replace the word “safety” with 😉

  • NotMark


  • 5th grader

    sm1 write there (f*** me hardddddd and if u r reading this,plzzz click like.thanks) that will teach the educate the 5th gradersmore nicely.

    • The Cookie Monster


  • FeralAbstraction

    I don’t know what I’m thinking, but here you go. A Paint masterpiece!

  • John Matheson


  • Guest

    Yay! I will never grow up.

  • Anna Troll

    I will never grow up.

  • NiZZi

    Look at me and me

  • Sometimes Funny

    I don’t know what I’m doing…

  • Patchy


  • Von Der Tann

    You puny mortals!

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