The LolSnaps Photoshop Battle, Edition XVII

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73 points
  • HoodieDog

    Follow this link for a cut out of Obama:

  • Wiccamoon

    Meh tired of these.

    • HoodieDog
      • Wiccamoon

        Thank you, that made my day. xD

      • poodle16

        Mmmmm, Mal.

      • Vicar_in_a_Tutu


    • John Matheson

      I genuinely look forward to these. Despite my lack of having any photo editing software, having a consistent amount of people making posts makes these quite enjoyable. I feel it gives us Lolsnappers a chance to just collectively throw our humour into one URL and see what beautiful monstrosity it creates.

      Also, I still remember The ‘Knight on a Motherfucking Owl.’ Forget who did it, but that shit was boss.

      • Wiccamoon

        To each their own. 🙂 There are always just a few that I even internally smile at, but most of them are terrible and I never bother coming back to check after the first 12 or so. I will say, there have been a few that I enjoy, but it has to be a good image to work with in the first place.

      • Johnny Alpha

        completely agree !!

    • Wiccamoon

      Yessss moar downvotes!

  • Antonio

    i tried uploading before so sorry if several suddenly appear but here, have my paint masterpiece.

    • Antonio

      ….. and so 4 appears

      • HoodieDog

        I got your back. Deleted the first one when Disqus was having tizzy-fits.

        • Antonio

          thanks, lol how do i computer?

  • Yuki-Hime

    I dont know what im doing
    Have Obama and Cumberbatch in a cucumberpatch

    • Yuki-Hime

      Oh wow that is unfortunately positioned
      All the better

  • NotMark

    Without inserting a big man bit and a brazzers logo… I have nothing.

  • Sometimes Funny

    Because clowns are always funny

  • John Matheson

    Dunno how many people will get this.

  • Goran Mijailović

    I don’t even know why.

  • Sometimes Funny

    This came to mind…

  • Vladislav Richter

    • HoodieDog

      Shit’s tight, yo.

      What I mean is…the shadowing work here is very well done.

  • Vicar_in_a_Tutu

    Dat ass.

  • Patchy

    My entry

  • zach

    late and shitty but yeaa

  • Das Puggy

    Now I understand why he’s really tan.

  • The Cookie Monster

  • Carlo

    What else….

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