Only allowed a single page formula sheet? Challenge accepted.

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  • daverbes

    Not impressed – I’ve seen better. There are tons of examples on Course Hero. Good drawings, though.


  • Coockoo for cocoa puffs

    I had a teacher who let us use a notecard. I typed it in a regular sized paper using 3.5 size font and cut it up to notecard size. I then took a magnifying glass in with me. A+ and the teacher kept the notecard to show to future students.

  • Jodie Poppy Leonie Knowles-Bak

    Yeah…we never get to use sheets like that here and on the occasion we do (In foreign language speaking exams) all our notes are checked to make sure that they contain single sentences or single word prompts. With ‘cheat sheets’ like this you might as well not even bother turning up to anything other than the actual exam

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