Voldemort’s Assistant, Kevin

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  • Lunchbox

    o_o The target audience for these books? Yeah, young enough to not care about these details.

    • Rattlehead

      Well technically the target audience was supposed to match the age of the Harry and the gang, therefore the target audience should be at an age to care about those details by the time the horcruxes came to light. Unfortunately the target audience never quite matched up especially with the movies, which became evident when I had to explain to furious parents why a “kids movie” as they put it was rated MA15+ and why it wasn’t actually aimed at their dumbass little 8 year old

      • Mat Campbell

        The books originally were written for adults the whole way through (whence Ron’s profuse swearing) but the publishers made sure that didn’t happen, which is why tey seem to trip over themselves a bit when trying to be appealing to all ages.

  • Andre

    Ummm if you read the books, you would see that Lord Voldy loved his trophies, J.K. even specified as much in the 6th book when Harry and Dumbledore visited Dumbledore’s memory of Tom Riddle as a boy. He isn’t going to put his soul into just something random, it has to mean something to him. Now i know this was supposed to be a joke annnddd harrrr har, really funny.
    Harry Potter nerds UNITE

    • Dylan James Harley

      In all fairness this little comic isn’t actually contradicting that, merely highlighting and lampooning it.

      • Matt

        yeah it never said anything that would contradict what that “Lord voldy” loved his trophies its just pointing out how stupid and arrogant he was for not putting his soul into something else.

        also if you love your trophies so much why would you make them a target to be destroyed?!…logic

        • Dylan James Harley

          Ego is blinding.

        • SuperSloth

          They were pretty hard to find let alone destroy.

          • Matt

            this is true but it does not change the fact that he made them targets to be destroyed :p if they weren’t horcruxes they probably would not have been destroyed.

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