Fox News is so good at math

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  • prometheus

    As this shocking graph indicates, water use has tripled in the last month!

    • Flockacox

      Why’s he naked???

      • Matt

        he was the one using the shower causing the water usage to skyrocket because he was living there

  • Das Puggy

    I can’t believe that I’m defending Faux News… but it is an acceptable graph if you realize you’ve cut of the bottom ~5 million or so numbers.

    I just wonder, though why they might do this.

    • lolololage

      To make it LOOK like a negative rather than a positive, which is exactly what the post is all about.

      • I am Sancho

        Common practice amongst the news outlets.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      Fox news was the pioneer in blatantly misleading stories and pandering
      to emotion rather than reason. It was already being done to some extent, but was a lot
      less obvious, especially by the more major outlets. Fox news decided to see how far they could go with it, took it to outrageous extremes, gained a rabid viewership, and set the
      standard for other news outlets to try to match. They showed that huge masses of people will believe anything if you tell them they’re smart for believing it and liberally ridicule all opposing viewpoints. The pioneers of any field tend to stay famous in it for years or even
      decades. I haven’t watched TV news for around 20 years because I’m not fond of having my intelligence routinely insulted.

    • nigga what

      but you can’t cut out the bottom 5 million, it’s supposed to go from nil to the top, otherwise there’s not really any point in showing the relation between the two numbers

      it’s some magic weirdo shit right there

    • NotMark

      I would not describe this as an acceptable graph. It is not even a graph… It is more of a picture of the top of a graph.

      They had deliberately removed the Y-Axis in order to give a distorted view that supports their agenda. An acceptable graph should have both axis and present an accurate visual representation of the whole numbers.

      However… I do like the blue colour that they used. It is a good blue.

    • Pickles

      The graphs are still wrong! ha – counting the lines, the revised one shows 7 million and the other bar is at just over 8 million.

  • Jim Kick

    • Johnny Alpha

      Because the US is too poor to help their own citizens with health-care but feel rich enough to export their idea of ‘democracy’ & ‘peace’?

  • I am Sancho

    All the media outlets do it. A quick google search would have showed you that.

  • I’m Spartacus

    How many of those are actual paid policy holders? Just go to the website for info and you are counted as ‘enrolled’. You do realize that 7 million families actually LOST their medical coverage because of this douchebag commie’s Ponzi scheme. If you get your news from Jon Stewart it sucks to be you.

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