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    1. sorry to burst your little butt but there are tons of Christians like that, including me. i’m absolutely cool with homosexuality.
      the thing is the internet is a pro-gay place and they like to portrait all us Christians as stuck up intolerant bastards. we’re not all close-minded.
      Atheists hate it when Christians spread their religion and force their morals down people’s throat, but at the same time, many of them go around dissing and making fun of us and they could spend the whole day talking about how our belief is stupid. how is that cool?

      1. Exactly! Calling a Christian stupid or ignorant because of their belief, is just like a Christian telling someone they’re going to hell for something they did. Pushing an athiest moral is just as common as pushing a thiestic moral!

  1. Which just goes to show, quote-mining has been around for two thousand years. Just try not to be a cunt. You don’t need a book or a guy in a dress for that.

  2. to all you people that think marriage is sacred sanctuary and should be protected to the death, Why is there an express lane in Vegas for any drunk to get married? get off your high horses, God is our only Judge