And A Hand Shake From Every Officer


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  1. On one hand you shouldn’t beat someone to death and let the justice system take care of it…mostly for your own sake. On the other hand, the justice system does a shitty job at giving out real justice. Child molesters never get ‘caught’…or at least never fully prosecuted.

  2. This is stupid. I’d understand almost killing a man if he raped or seriously injured your child, but according to the story the man didn’t even successfully molest them – the kids ran away as soon as he made a move on them.

    If everybody took the law into their own hands there would be a lot of unjust murders. Fucking idiots.

    1. And you’re one of them. Attempt to touch one of my kids and you’d be lucky and I didn’t kill every single one of your family members just for the sake of even being related to you.

      1. I’m one of them? You don’t even know me and you’re accusing me of being a child molester? WTF. All I said is justice shouldn’t be served on a personal basis, or else we’d all be in the streets killing people who have wronged us. You should join the Taliban you primitive ape, you don’t deserve to live in this beautiful country of ours. I hope your kids die of AIDS you cock sucker.

          1. Well we don’t live in an anarchic society, so if you’re not cool with that take it with the government not me.

          2. in the assholes defense… your response was kind of vague as to what you were accusing him of being…

    2. I’m sorry to say I fail to see the point that the man’s actions were somehow less inhumane if he wasn’t successful.

      1. very much agreed. look at it this way. you stand against a wall, I pull out a gun, take a shot at your head and miss. does that absolve me of trying to kill you? no. he tried to molest them, they knew it was wrong and ran. he deserved the feeling of every knuckle on this amazing mothers fist against his face. and THEN some

        1. There’s a bit of poetic justice in it, as well. He attempted to do something wrong to those weaker than him. In the same way that rape isn’t about sex, but power, it’s possible that molesting young boys is the same way – you expect them to be weaker, you expect to be stronger, you expect it to be a no-brainer who would win. This woman is supposedly the weaker. She’s female; he’s male. Physically, there should be no contest. Yet, she beat him up. With a physical, non-mechanical weapon. I’ll be honest, I’m impressed – by both the deed and the poeticness of having someone who traditionally picks on weaker people lose to someone who is weaker.

          That being said, I do think she was slightly wrong. I don’t blame her for going after him, but according to the article, she did beat it up pretty badly. I think she might’ve crossed the line in terms of force, but I completely understand why she had.

          But, back to the topic of attempted v actual. I would agree more lenancy is expected if he had planned to molest but somehow failed due to circumstances – he planned to do it after a game but failed to do it, etc. But if he planned to do it and then followed through with it, it doesn’t matter that the kids ran away. We now know he was fully capable of molesting and had managed to achieve it a bit (he put the child’s hand on his crotch, after all). He deserves an angry parents and/or punishment.

          1. I think that when it comes to your kids, DNA kicks in!! who wouldn’t protect their children?

    3. According to the article, he put one kid’s hand on his “private parts”. I think that pretty much counts as molestation. Also, the authorities are not investigating this at all. How is this justice? I’m not saying I’m okay with what she did (actually, I am. She went too far, though…) but had she not done anything, who’s to say there would have been an investigation? If nothing else, he got beat up for what he did/attempted to do and she feels good for protecting her kids.

  3. She should be found guilty – because she is – and sentenced to one minute community service. What she did was wrong, but fully justified.

    1. I recommend she take the guy to court. then as soon as the sorry sap opens his mouth for his defense, the judge throws the gavel at his face, then locks him up for contempt of court, and makes him pay HER legal fees