Badass mule


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  1. That’s one bad ass mule. A bit like your trusty horse in Skyrim, without the ‘running into dragons and getting herself killed’-part.

    1. Maybe. But I remember sitting with my mom and her friend when I was a kid and the friend showing my mom pictures, actual developed from film pictures, of this precise event. According to her, her mule attacked a live cougar. She didn’t even bring a gun, just the mule, because it was protection enough. Apparently though, this was the only time it actually KILLED a cougar. Normally it’d get in one good kick and they’d run.

  2. a mountain lion died because a couple decided to “go out on the range”…..great work there….fucking arseholes

  3. That is one Bad-ASS. pun intended.

    (Though I hate the thought that mountain lion died because of some supposed-to-be-dinner
    going out in the “range”.)
    don’t expect to live when you go in their territory
    mt. lions don’t eat grass, duh