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      1. I don’t go to the ‘vote’ page, because then I can’t come to the ‘new’ page, because I’ve already seen everything. It has ruined this site for me. there isn’t nearly as many posts on this site now, posts that I see anyway.

        1. If you want to use the site like it used to be then just only ever visit the ‘Vote’ section.

          Vote is what new used to be, it publishes uploaded content once every 20 minutes just like live used to, the comments and all load the same whether it’s under vote or new.

          Effectively, vote is nothing more than a new type of sorting really (like popular is), the same amount of posts are basically still getting posted, just view them under Vote o.O

  1. Upvote for Patrick’s wicked SOH, or downvote cause he dissed a good show??? Upvote it is, even the crew dis the show.