How I watched the last couple of minutes of tonight’s Game of Thrones episode

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  1. I thought: “Great. Another ‘talky’ episode. And then the last 20 minutes was like, HOLY FUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!”

      1. Yeah, I read a commenter once say that he’d watch 60 minutes of Tyrion just talking. Peter Dinklage is the shit.

    1. As a book reader, I found myself praising the change from the text.


      (one bit was a bit cheesy though.)

      edit: I just realised that the book-readers are the vegetarians of the show.

      1. I’m really excited that the show has decided to leave the books behind. It means that I won’t be disappointed when they change critical events, a la Jamie never telling Tyrion the truth about his first wife. It also means they’ll be able to finish the show in my lifetime since it’s likely George won’t finish the series by the end of the century.

        1. its so hard, I cant say i like all the changes, but so far I cant say that HBO’s version is not damn good. But I still like the books better, but its so close, and the ability to have read the books and still be surprised by the show is awesome.

          1. The books will always be better. You can never truly understand a character unless you’ve been inside their heads. I miss this part mostly with jaime. He threw a kid off a tower and fucked his sister but god damn it do I love that guy.
            But I still really like the series, the casting is almost always well done; I don’t mind most of the changes they’ve done to simplify the story although I do miss lady stoneheart. And to this day, the biggest thing I hated about the series was that they left out the sweet 16 year old girl that cersei had whipped because she thought it was tyrions whore. “I never liked you Cersei, but you were my sister so I never did you harm..”. Them replacing the girl with the Ross whore noone cared about was a big mistake IMO. Didn’t make sense. The anger you should have felt towards her was just not there.

            (Sorry about the rant. I got a bit carried away)

        2. George announced that next season he won’t be helping write the show so he can focus on finishing the books.

          1. I expect Winds of Winter will be out next year or the one after. Can’t really say when a Dream of Spring will be done, but it’s unlikely he’ll even be halfway done by the end of the TV series.

      2. As a book reader, I must say that you are correct. Basicly everything that starts with “As a *fill in blank*” just means that you’re about to say something pretentious