Internet Families


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    1. That probably has something to do with how many people shared it on Facebook and stuff to like spread awareness and whatnot

    2. I have been here for a long time, I lurk deep in the shadows 🙂 I pride myself in visiting the site daily

    3. Probably. I lurked on here for a year before I even made an account, and probably didn’t comment from my account for a couple months after that.

  1. I’m sure Hoodie Dog can actually answer this more accurately… I do however love this site and by extension, the many people on here who bring daily smiles to my face. Dear Hoodie, how many Lolsnappers exist?

    1. To Ara’s point, a ton of lurkers and one-time visitors. That’s not unusual for a site like this. Last month, we had about 700,000 unique visits (both mobile and desktop–btw, our mobile is served up from and many of the sites that measure volume don’t catch that portion of our visits). Those numbers come from Google Analytics and are far more accurate than Alexa’s sampling (Liam’s FB comment, above).

      We get about 20% from Facebook and about 15% from Pinterest (and growing every day). The rest come direct to the site…regulars…people who have bookmarked the site. That’s an oddity in the funny picture business. That’s the core community who visit on a regular basis.

      We all know the site content is not unique. What continues to be unique is the community and the comments. You guys make our efforts to manage the site rewarding and worthwhile.

        1. Top Ten for the past 12 months:
          1. United States
          2. United Kingdom
          3. Canada
          4. Australia
          5. Germany
          6. Denmark
          7. Sweden
          8. New Zealand
          9. Norway
          10. Belgium

          1. That’s the total population of NZ visiting this site then. If only the sheep had a sense of humour!

          2. Yes. Stay strong.

            Just kidding, but not that much traffic coming out of Mexico. Still in the top 20.

      1. “We all know the site content is not unique. What continues to be unique is the community and the comments.”
        agree on that. there are times which i came here mainly to check out for the community comments.

        1. Another data point: at about 900 upvotes, this post has been viewed approximately 9,000 times. For that same number of views, we normally see about 60-100 upvotes. And that vote per view ratio is pretty much industry standard as evidenced by Reddit and Imgur.

      1. same here. you know how you go to these funny site to laugh and then you read the comment section and you lose a bit of faith in humanity? people are jerks, and pervs.
        lolsnap disqus section is different. there are still mean, rude people, and trolls, but many are nice, even behind a computer screen. you enjoy intellectual and hilarious conversations.

  2. I was just on the random button from somewhere in 2011, where nearly all of the posts had no more than 20 up/down votes. So yeah, this is cool, go us

    1. If we had a point system like Reddit or Imgur, that would be painfully obvious…and would have been downvoted to hell. Not sure who posted this, but it certainly did generate votes and comments.

  3. I’ve been here for years. I remember when there wasn’t even a comment section, just a terrible green background with wall to wall ads. I’m glad I stuck around though. This is the one site I visit daily (besides my email).

    I’d be interested if Hoodie Dog has any images cataloging how the site has changed.

      1. Well thanks to Hoodie Dog’s glorious timeline there I can now confirm that I joined this amazing community sometime late 2011 to early 2012, and since then I have been coming here at least once every day! You done good Hoodie, and lolsnap-ians( I think that word works 😛 ) keep up the good work!

    1. So have I. I’ve been coming to this site since 2010 (not to be a hipster or anything), and it’s been nice to see this community grow, and its members come and go. I wonder where Gary Fay went..?

      1. I sent him a cat picture last week on Facebook and made him laugh and he still stays in touch with a few of the old guard.

  4. Hooray for internet families. Unless of course I treat you like my sims, then you’ll find yourself compelled to light a fireplace while surrounded by dead plants, or find your pool lacking any stairs.

  5. I’ve been around for a couple years now. I kept coming back because it saves me the trouble of browsing through all the other funny sites. Lolsnaps gives a very good average picture of what’s going on on the internet (funnywise I mean). And of course, above all, the comments section is the best, with the best commenters around.

  6. Bigger than I thought, that’s for sure lol.
    I still remember the first day I visited lolsnaps. Was in 2008 after one of my niggers linked me here via facebook.

  7. over 1400 votes… Thanks Lolsnaps for making me happy today. I posted this because I wondered how big this site was, nothing else. It was my second picture ever posted after mainly lurking since 2009. Wasn’t pining for popularity, just a head count. HoodieDog, I like the info you gave throughout the comments, so keep being awesome. As for the rest, keep being the community I know and love on the internet, so much better then any massively large picture site.

    My theory is because this site takes a little digging to get to, most people who get here are lurkers on the internet already and follow that rule before they get here. As a result, they continue to do so, hence why I wanted to see how many are legitimately here. Any opinions?

  8. I love this site, I come on here daily. After just having a baby it is the best way to feel normal, and laugh at the silly things in life, when everything gets serious.
    Keep up the good work guys 🙂