Old people can be awesome sometimes…


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          1. I am actually the *surrogate* father of my lesbian bestfriend and her partners child. no bank involved… nor turkey baster… but that’s beside the point, I misunderstood what *IVF* meant…. and as im typing this I realize its *In Vitro Fertilization…*

      1. well, let me rephrase, at least she wont get *her* pregnant.

        i know about IVF. what i was implying was if the two chicks had sex, neither of them would get pregnant. do you need me to make that any more clear?

  1. This story has bullshit written all over it. Don’t argue with me.

    Anyway, guess what: if you don’t like a heterosexual’s opinions on homosexuality, they cant care less about that and neither should you.

    How about glorifying heterosexuals for once and dropping the double standards?

        1. According to your judgment stated in your comment.
          You’re referring to yourself as one of the “dumbasses”.

          1. I don’t know how you got to that conclusion, but it doesn’t matter.
            And I really don’t understand how I could be a hetero-phobe, since I’ve been straight for my whole life as far as I know.
            Unless you know me better than I do, in which case, I am terribly sorry for doubting you.

          2. ugh… I watch homo porn as much as the next guy… its almost exclusively girl on girl(tapped the wrong vid a few times on my phone…) and im straight as an arrow. who cares anymore? if a chick likes a chick, or a dick likes a dick, good for them. its not anyone elses business to judge or give two shits. hetero phobe, homo phobe… get over it kids

          3. You do have a point, it’s just that I’m getting tired of the homo-phobes or ignorant people full of hatred in general.

          4. stupid people don’t realize theyre stupid. its up to us to point it out, or ignore them and hope they die of starvation when they read the orange juice bottle

  2. The correct response would have been: “Auntie, she didn’t choose to be attracted to girls. It’s just a part of who she is. However, you are choosing to be a bigoted asshole about it. You’re entitled to your opinion, but expressing disappointment in your daughter for being who she is, that’s rude and unnecessary. I’m the one who’s disappointed in you.

          1. I am the sun’s shadow. I am the sound a tree makes when it falls in a vacuum. I am the spirit of the laws. I’m a cartoon character.

            I tend to be a lot more forthcoming with personal information and descriptions on my Facebook account, which you received a friend invitation from a good while ago but never responded to. 🙂

          2. I understand. If you’d like, you could send me a friend request. I won’t claim that I’m not a weirdo, but at least I’m not dangerous. 🙂