Semper feels…


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  1. they didn’t had that many hair to loose to begin with considering the normalized hair cut you get in the army.

    there is no chance metal heads would do the same, having long hair is one of their pride.

    1. *have *lose and the “normalized” hair cut only happens in Basic Military Training/Boot Camp. After that you are free to do whatever you want as long as you stay within regulations.

      Most importantly, they are Marines. They are NOT in the Army.

          1. I am recently out. Did 10 years. US Air Force. Now I’m just a Mr. again. No more Sergeant for me.

          2. Nope. Only commissioned officers (Lieutenant, Captain, Major, etc) have those opportunities. Enlisted guys like myself don’t do that. I was in communications – computer networks and the like.

          3. I do. I didn’t deal with desktop/laptop computers themselves though. I was in the design of larger networks, security, and communication between military bases.

    2. Please, tell any Marine that they are in the Army. Once you’re done, tell me how it went, or don’t, as you probably won’t be able to type after that.

    1. Every military branch has hair requirements, but it really isn’t as short as most people think, it’s just you get a buzz cut in Basic training, and a lot of people stick with it, as a lot of soldiers just buy their own buzzers from walmart or the local PX, and do it every day in the morning.