Ummm… birdie, eagle, albatross, condor, snake … WTF !!!


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  1. Birdie = 1 under par
    Eagle = 2 under par
    Albatross = 3 under par
    Condor = 4 under par
    Snake = dropping the club and running back to the clubhouse in under 10 seconds

    1. Even if you’re right, and I’m not saying you aren’t, but if there was any snake on my club, i wouldn’t trust yours, mine or even David Attenborough’s opinion as to the toxicity of it. I would simply drop the club and walk away.

      1. I have caught hundreds of snakes in my life, mostly non-venomous, but I caught several vipers as well, so I would definitely not walk away. But yes, I do understand you.