Give This Site Some Speed, STAT!

Site Speed

As is painfully obvious to everyone who visits the site, we are really struggling with site speed. To put it mildly, it’s atrocious. I’ve heard from many of you about the issue and all of us working on the site have a crushing sense of urgency about getting this right. Unfortunately, it feels like we just exited the emergency room where we gained some sense of stability, but have a bit of a recovery and improvement process ahead. In other words, it could take another week to get the site speed back to a level that is acceptable to everyone. I feel really bad about this issue. It’s been a huge inconvenience for everyone, but I believe I have a competent team who can fix the problem. But it’s a pretty big problem.

Navigation Issues

We’re also continuing to deal with navigational issues, especially when a user is viewing a post with a GIF. We believe we can solve that one in the next couple of days.

Can We Go Back?

Some have asked why we don’t go back to the old site until these issues are resolved. We’ve discussed that option as a team, but I’ve decided to try to fix our current technical problems with the expectation that the short term pain will be worth the long term gain. That’s a pretty big gamble, but one I’m comfortable making. That might also be an indicator of how much — as an owner — I disliked the structure and setup of the old site.

Need Your Help

I’d really appreciate knowing what other bugs you’ve come across that need to be cleaned up… especially if you’ve noted it before and it still isn’t fixed. I know this is a pain to document in the comments (you can also contact me via email here), but it’s VERY helpful. Again, so sorry for this massive fuck up.

Published on: Sep 6, 2017


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  1. There’s a dead spider in one of the elevators in my building that I’d like to have someone clean up. It has been there for at least two days. Or leave it. Maybe it is a reminder to all other spiders to GTFO or die. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. mr. hoodie dog sir,

    i have another request regarding the side panel navigation thumbnail thingy.

    could you make it so that when we’re in the FRESH section, the navigation thumbnail is automatically selected to FRESH? it’s currently set to FRONT by default, each time we view a new post. it’s a bit confusing as we are made to believe that we’re in the FRONT section instead.

    thank you for reading.

    1. Thanks. Got it. Will need to get with developer to see how that might work. Right now, the developer is working on making it load faster. It’s still too slow.

      In our current configuration, my fear is that your suggestion will be load intensive (not good). Give me some time to respond back.

      1. yes. sometimes the site is slow. especially if it’s loading gif. yesterday was very bad, but it’s better today. i trust you’re doing your best and we love you for it.

        i understand if you can’t change the navigation thumbnail. it’s just a suggestion. my only gripe is that i can’t tell whether i’m in the Fresh Section or the Front Section. previously, i used to look at the navigation thumbnails or the highlighted New or Vote labels to the right of the LOLsnaps logo. now, everything looks the same in either sections.

        again, no pressure. i’ve been coming here for ages and i’m gonna keep coming here for many years to come. we’ll stick with ya thru thick and thin.

        keep up the good work!

          1. Hoodie Sir:
            1. the speed is so much better. No noticeable lag for gifs either.

            2. navigation buttons on some posts are still buggy, for instance this one, and also this one, where the Next button is greyed out even though it’s not the latest post.

            also and

            3. i’m a nexter and i use chrome. All this while i’ve always pinned LOLsnaps to the last page i’ve visited so that i can continue from there on my next visit. But lately, i’m being directed to the main page each time i open my browser. so i have to browse in reverse now. i’m not sure whether it’s the browser or the site. please help.

            edit #1: seems to work fine now.

            edit #2: navigations in the New sections are still buggy. I found two posts, namely and which are listed in the New thumbnails, but cannot be accessed by clicking the navigation buttons from the previous post. And by clicking on any navigation buttons at the above posts will take you to a random post in the Front Page Section.

          2. BTW, have spent a fair amount of time going through all of your items and believe we can fix them all. They are all caching and CDN-related (the servers we use around the world to serve our content). Some fine-tuning should solve these issues.

          3. that’s great news! i’m looking forward to a better browsing experience.

            i’ll keep an eye for more bugs to report, sir!

          4. One more question. Is this navigation stuff happening when you’re logged into your LolSnaps account? Every time I have tried to replicate the issues you reported, I had to log out and use the site without being logged in. Logging in prevents your browsing from being cached by our servers.

          5. oh! i’ve not logged into LolSnaps as i’m not uploading any snaps. i’m only logged into Disqus. Is that the cause of my problems?

          6. Go ahead and log in when you visit the site. That will take care of the problem. In the meantime, we’ll work on fixing it for non-logged in users too.

          7. hoodie sir,
            1. my pinned tab now sticks to the last page i’ve visited, even when i’m not logged in to LolSnaps. Hurray!
            2. new bug discovered. the vote counter is at zero on some of the snaps in the Front Section. How is this possible? see,,
            3. some snaps failed to load in full. see,,

          8. We had a pretty significant update last night and the voting mechanism went all wonky and deleted voting points for every single snap on the site. The vote counter should now be working. There might still a few with problems, but we’re okay with that.

            I checked the snaps not loading and they loaded for me.

          9. damnit! they weren’t loading just a while ago. and i refreshed the snaps a few times to make sure. oh well, maybe the internet is effin’ with me.

          10. I *think* we have most of the items on your list fixed. Logged in, or not. Ping me back if you run into problems. The technology behind speeding the site up versus serving up some navigation bugs is hard to get right, so we may still need to make some small adjustments.

  3. Hi here are isome ssues i noticed:
    1)on mobile and pc, i used to browse the snaps starting from the last and clicking on “prev”. After about 10/20 pages, the “prev” button becomes grey and can’t be clicked anymore
    2) on mobile and pc the default website page does no more seem pointing on the “last” snap. I can’t understand the logic behind it.
    3) on pc, the small widget on the right showing 10 pages, does not match by default the snap you’re currently seeing on the page. It doesn’t follow when you use “prev” more than 1à times.
    4) I can’t grasp the difference between “front” and “last” on this widget
    5) When you use the widget to go back on another 10 snaps an then click on one small imagein the middle, you loose the widget context.

    1. We’ve been working on some other enhancements and bugs and will now begin working on some these you point out. Thanks for your patience. Good stuff.

  4. Hi, also noticed when you use the previous button on the thumbs to go to another set of pictures, after you click on a picture, the thumbs reset to the most recent list, therefore losing my position and having to flick back each time to the last thumb I was viewing. Thanks.

      1. You could make the a dynamic load with an ajax style load off the menu. That would allow you to use something like handlebars ( sorry have not really dug into what you have changed ) or JQuery or any combination to dynamically update the content and menu sections of the page and not have to refresh the entire page.

        This would bring down a lot of load on the site as well allow for a more fluid style change of menus and content.

        ( I have not tried it with discuss plugins attached but I am sure it could be done quite easily with something like JQuery, Handlebars, and a lil bit of json )

  5. The only thing going slow for me, is the up/down vote thingy, sometimes it just keeps circling, not actually changing the number. But mostly it works well.

      1. Keeping coming back to this comment if it happens again. We’ve made some changes that we hope will solve the problem, but really appreciate hearing from you if the problem persists.

          1. We’ve been trying to tune our Disqus settings, but can’t seem to get it quite right. Going to try something a little more dramatic on Monday or Tuesday to see if we can get it to work ALL the time.

          2. It’s still then in the rare instance it’s included. It’s directly below the snap and will usually say CREDIT in the smallest font known to mankind.

            Also, I *think* we got the Disqus issue fixed. Holler at me if it happens to you again.

  6. Thanks for the update, Hoodie!
    I’ve grown to like the new site and its new layout and functions.

    Sometimes in single page view loading the page takes a bit long, as is known. the scroll works pretty flawless though.
    Not being able to use the hotkeys when there’s a gif is one of the things I encounter a lot. I hope in the future we will be able to start a gif-loop with a hotkey, that would be awesome.

    Your hard work is being appreciated. Keep it up!

  7. I know I have offered to help in this in any way I can, but we started a new project and i’ve been so busy lately trying to finish on time, anyway, i have an insight i’d like to share, i’ll send it to your inbox, and i promise i’ll be back to help as soon as i deliver my work, best of luck 😀

  8. Hey, anyone having trouble getting the GIFs to play? Are they not playing at all? If so, chime in and give us some details. Trying to identify if this is a bug.

    1. If you scroll past the gif it stops and when going back up to it you have to hit the gif circle multiple times to make it play again or refresh the page

  9. Every now and then it still skips a snap or two when I hit previous. I’ve been coming here for like 6 years or something. I think I can handle the site loading slowly while it gets worked out. lol Keep up the great work!!

  10. I view Lolsnaps on an iPad and when I scroll to a GIF the GIF dot disappears and I have to tap the pic to get it back then I have to tap the dot 2 or 3 times before it plays.
    Speaking of scrolling, I think it would be great if front page scrolling would be the default when going onto Lolsnaps.

    1. Wanted to check back to see if this is still occurring. We’ve updated things on our end to see if we can get things to smooth out a bit.

      1. Shortly after I posted I noticed the GIF dot only disappeared occasionally and lately I haven’t noticed it disappearing at all. Good job.

      2. 2 days ago I said that the GIF dot problem was better, well now it’s like it was in my first post only slower. And now I cannot get the Front Page Scroll to work. When I select it it always brings me back to a meme I had viewed over a week ago and not the most recent. I’ve been viewing your sight for probably a year now. Lolsnaps and are my everyday go to sites but Lolsnaps is getting just so painfully slow and nonfunctional that I have to remove it from my morning/evening rituals. Check out if you want to see how a site like yours should work. I’ll check back in occasionally to see if things get better. I hope to have you back soon, but for now I just can’t endure.

  11. I still find it strange that I can’t see GIF’s on Chrome, I have to open the site on Firefox and refresh a couple of times… other than that, everything’s cool man 🙂 …like @disqus_MzWQIPhs6y:disqus says, we really appreciate what you do 🙂

  12. Hi. I was using keyword buttons to get to previous or next lolsnaps. Now i can’t. Tried both chrome and safari to see if my browser was the problem but no. I still love lolsnaps but i’m on hold now. Please make it work again. Keep up the good work.

  13. Hoodie, you guys have made incredible strides in the last two days. Three days ago, i was pulling my hair out just getting through. Yesterday speeds were so much better. Today gifs seem to be loading just fine and do not seem to take a random 1-3 taps to get working. Nice job!

    1. I am going to roll back just a bit on the gifs. I ran into a few gifs today where the gif icon button was playing hide and seek with me. Not sure if it is the way one scrolls or what. Annoying but not as annoying as the speed issues in the very recent past (esp the combination).

      1. Had another significant uptick in speed today. Let me know how gifs are working for you. They’ve been incredibly inconsistent from user to user and browser to browser.

        1. Hate to say it but I honestly do not see any real difference in the gifs. Still slow and inconsistent. If anything, the whole site seems slower this morning. Chrome on android mobile.

          1. Probably going to have to perform open heart surgery on our MP4 player. If I were to guess, we’re probably a week out from have an acceptable solution in place.

  14. Hey Hoodie, trying to register on the website with the name TotallyNotPax but whenever I type in the N, it takes me to new posts. I got some posts I want to upload ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Also, the site has been running a bit faster, keep up the good work.

    1. Try a hard refresh on your browser to clear it. We’ll continue to work on the source of the problem, but this fixes it in our tests.

    1. A response I sent another user:

      We get reports from users about buggy navigation issues, but they clear themselves up before we can replicate them. That tells us it’s a caching issue that gets straightened up with the cache is flushed… which is about every 5 minutes.

      We’ll be pushing a fairly significant update to the site to correct the voting issue and several other bugs… hoping to do that today or tomorrow.

      1. Ok. I got the issue a few times yesterday (so I figured I’d try to help). I’ll let you know if I come across it later after the update (provided it’s obvious enough that I notice lol)

  15. @hoodiedog:disqus Not sure what you did lately but the speed has been amazing. The past week or so has been amazing. I noticed it instantly earlier but I didn’t know if it was temporary or not. But seeing that for the past few days its been super fast pretty regularly I wanted to say its great.

    1. I’ve come here because I’m concerned…. Last 5ish days or so, I’m regularly getting a “session timed out” and an error number I can’t remember (5-something-something).
      Also, last two or three days the adds attached to the top and bottom of the disqus plugin have been bad. So bad. On mobile it’s particularly bad.
      Not to mention the complaints in the same period of time regarding the seemingly silent videos.