We’re Updating the Website. Here’s What’s Changing.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to update some code structure to our website and have taken the opportunity to make some needed changes to the front-end portion of the website, too. Within the next couple of days, we will be rolling these changes out site-wide. Here’s a recap:

The homepage will change.

Since the beginning of time, our homepage has been the most recent post (not counting the time when we had a VOTE section). This has been an easy entry point for users and it is pretty unique to most websites. However, it has always created a bit of a technical challenge to get a uniquely numbered post to think that it’s a generic homepage (https://lolsnaps.com) and then switch back to the uniquely numbered post when a more recent post comes along. More alarming, however, is that the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) are greatly confused by this technical witchcraft and have been penalizing the site and our posts for a number of years. So, the homepage will now become the ‘scroll view‘ page. This will require one additional click to get to the most recent post.

The sidebar will change.

With the homepage transitioning to a scroll view page, there is no need to retain the “Recent” posts sidebar. The two are redundant. We will be testing some new sidebar features over the next couple of weeks. For mobile users, this sidebar shows up below the comments.

Other stuff you may never notice will change.

The backend code fixes are addressing several bugs, including FIP point calculations, Youtube video post bugs, and general website speed and efficiency stuff. We’re also cleaning up the menu bar a bit. We should be able to deploy these changes without any major issues and hope this won’t send anyone into premature panic.

Your comments are always appreciated.

These are pretty broad categories of changes and if you’ve got a bug, problem, or suggestion… let us know in the the comments below.

Published on: Jul 5, 2018


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  1. So, the homepage will now become the ‘scroll view‘ page. This will require one additional click to get to the most recent post.

    I’m fine with that. It has a comments count (the only reason to scroll to the bottom of the snap if you aren’t going to comment).

    And I’ve certainly noticed that the front page technical magic has been creating a whole bunch of problems for new snaps lol

        1. And they will again unless users make the decision to click on the first post. I think there’s a big difference in how people are aware of the issue now versus then. I hope.

          1. Hi Hoodie,

            I’ve given this some thought myself. Would it be possible to show the top rated comment on the scroll view page, or maybe in the shape of a ‘Show comments’ button to load the comments directly in the scroll view? I believe speeding things up in the viewing process will contribute to the popularity of the comment section.

            Then again, I don’t know if it’s within the limits of the website. I’m only limited by my imagination. 😛

          2. That would require us to load Disqus comments on the scroll/home page… even if it’s just the top comment. Disqus is one of the things that slows the site down the most and apart from the technical challenge, it would make loading the scroll/home page almost impossibly slow.

          3. hmm from what ive noticed the FIP loads first and then the recent/disqus about the same timeand finally the snap loads. thats with no addblocker or anything running on windoz

          1. I like this idea but would like the first post highlighted if possible. otherwise I would be game for something like this

          2. hahahahaha in my opinion. yes. the red arrows would actually be hilarious but it would help solidify where to click for those who are half asleep when visiting the site or those across the pond that don’t normally read from left to right. just a though/suggestion. but a big red circle could help things too 😉

          3. The great thing about the scroll view is we didn’t have to open every post to view it. With this ‘deck’ setup that’s not the case.

  2. sup hoodie, i’m a web dev and was just wondering why don’t you guys leave the wp environment, i feel it would improve the performance of the site if you guys were to build a custom site that better fit your specifications.

        1. We used to have a custom site. For years. It was great as far as speed, but a bummer is almost every other regard. I’ll reach out to you when we have this update pushed.

          1. just whenever i use the site daily and there have been some majors upgrades since we switched to 2.0 but there’s still things that could be improved on and i’d love to lend a hand

          2. Well played Sir! – I’m a completely tech innocent (we never had ‘puters at school, uni or during my first 10yrs of empoyment) …. so it’s good to see those who’re savvy enough step up and offer help ; )

  3. Hopefully one of the things on your list are the videos disguised as gifs, and the gif button stays in the middle while the video plays.

      1. So far so good. No videos disguised as gifs. On a different note, it used to show how many comments there were next to the upvotes. Would it be too much of a pain to put that back in? I hate waiting for discus to load just to see there are no comments.

  4. Do not jinx yourselves by saying “We should be able to deploy these changes without any major issues.” You should know better. MAKE BACKUPS OF ALL THE THINGS!

  5. hey Hoodie! it’s all good ….. so, it takes a few extra *cliks* (especially if you’ve just recently scrubbed your porn history) … these are Lolsnappiens, there used to swiping Gindr & Tindr … make them work for it I say

    ….makes it all the more ‘special’ … ;D

  6. I’ve gotta ask. Is the scroll view that we’ve come to know and love dead or is there a way to get to the page that allows you to just scroll through all the pictures without necessarily opening them?

  7. @HoodieDog:disqus can we get 2 versions of LOLSnaps.com? https://lolsnaps.com and https://beta.lolsnaps.com

    You could let them run on the same database (*not always recommended*) but would still allow for the current site which you at least know works for the most part; and allow the new one to undergo testing by people willing to look at a beta, test for bugs and report bugs to you. This way the majority of the community that dose not participate in comments or even read them wont be plagued with random issues that we can easily help prevent the masses from seeing; by the people who are willing and wanting to help directly better the community.

    ( No matter how much you test the site yourself (Staff) the community in whole will find bugs and create issues you could never have conceived of 🙂 )

    1. The biggest change will be the homepage. In fact, it MUST change… so there’s no need to do two versions. Everything else is pretty much the same.

      I think the biggest issue will be that those who have used the “scroll page” will now see it in a less user-friendly grid format… much like https://imgur.com/gallery

    1. We’ll get it back. If you’re on a desktop computer, you can just use the ‘R’ key to go to a random snap.

    1. The way the system has you ‘Save’ a new profile picture is to click on the highlighted “CROP IMAGE”. That appears during the process of uploading a new profile pic. Let me know if this is confusing and I’ll do a screen cap.

  8. Hey I dont know when this happened, but I noticed that the current post is no longer displayed on the recent posts bar when youve opened a particular picture. I understand its probably to make it so more posts can show up in that bar, but it makes it kind of hard to quickly tell if your current post is recent or if a lot of new ones have been added at some point. It personally annoys me but I can understand how some might like it. I just wanted to raise what might be an issue to some as far as the user experience is concerned

    1. I’m of your mindset but don’t like to complain, I already complained about “random” disappearing, so didn’t want to bring something else up – so I’m glad you did.

  9. @HoodieDog:disqus
    The old bug of the cache server giving FALSE pre-upvotes is GONE! YAY?
    Unfortunately the new bug is that they are not FALSE anymore. The ones
    that are pre-upvoted are now actually up-voted if I unclick it like we
    used to it actually goes down a vote now. 🙁

    1. We’ve tried a couple of things to see if we could get rid of this bug. Let me know if it still happens when you’re logged in to both Disqus and LolSnaps.

        1. Well, it happens to me every day. Multiple times per day. It’s not a problem we are going to get solved unless we completely redo our caching system… and that’s not on our bug fix radar.

          Thanks for the heads up.

  10. The homepage now shows the most recent post. Again. YAY!

    @HoodieDog:disqus So does this mean we get another blog post about why and other technical shtuff? 😛

  11. @HoodieDog:disqus the new CDN is faster, is that going to be the future host of all your scripts?
    I ask due to white listing it as safe, as well as to say it is deff much faster 🙂

    1. We turned the image CDN off to test several other issues. I’d like to know if the site has slowed down for you without the image CDN on.

  12. What is going on with this site? Way too much nudity, posts are not funny or just ripped off word for word from other sites. Who is the administrator now? Has it changed hands? This has been such a great site for so long and now you’re haemorrhaging people because of this mismanagement. GET IT TOGETHER!! I’ll stick with you for a bit but you’ve got to address this and speak to the people and community of this site.

    1. also this was the only way I could let you know as you’re not manning your twitter and I can’t leave a comment.